ABOUT Vox Inferni Press








Vox Inferni Press – the publishing house for practitioners of the Black Art. One of the ways to realise the "ominous intention" and disseminate the Devil's Ideas in this world via His black manuscripts.


Vox Inferni Press specialises in books that are wholeheartedly in honour of Satan and which are devoted to the darkest and more sinister aspects of the Black Art - the truly infernal spiritual revelations attained by those who enter into ruthless and irreversible contact with High Evil to comprehend the depths of the Inferno. Satanism in the most pernicious sense of the concept; The traditional worship of Devils in the most powerfully destructive sense; The recorded path to demonic transformation – such are all integral from own existence as publishers for the benefit of other-wordly Chaos.


Here the dark experience and desire becomes Evil in the purest form, and the Word of Satan is esteemed as a Weapon. The work of Vox Inferni Press is devoted to SATAN. Vox Inferni Press is the distributing body of the Black Flame - Serving the Will of Satan.