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Long awaited re-release of A.M.S.G. including new translation with a greater accuracy to the original texts along with extra materials previously unreleased. This book compile the works written within more than 15 years, that with time became a fundamental among significant amount of sincere adherents of traditional Diabolism. One of exclusive and rare books to date, strong and sincere, concealing within its pages the atmosphere and infernal spirit of uncompromising service to our Dark Master. Hardback bound in black cloth with silver foil blocking on cover and spine, 5.8 x 8.2", 243 pages


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Lamia Culta 'Woman Scarred' CD



This summer Vox Inferni Press in collaboration with Section XIII COMA presents ritual-poetic opus, performed in neoclassical dark ambient style - Lamia Culta «Woman Scarred» The strict beauty and tremendous sincerity, frantic and frenzied, desperate and inhuman passion of appeals and litanies to the Satan immersed in majestic, intimate and very personal atmosphere of the Black Ritual. The uncompromising image of an agony of a dying being, painful rebirth in pain and a flame, liberation in the Devil. It is the bewitching chronicle of a ruthless to oneself descent into the dark depths, of a sacrificial immersion into the abyssal despair and the ascension among tongues of flames in cold formation of a celebration of Demonic. The milestones literally inscribed with blood into masterfully weaved musical canvas... An example of the Dark Art. Unique and timeless work from the cult personality of a West Ukrainian underground, from the true follower of the Satan - the woman, walking through the Path of Flames - Fosco Culto.


Format: CD in standard DVD case including 8pp booklet.

Label: Vox Inferni Press

Production: Section XIII•.•COMA


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«Demogorgon/Alphabetum Stygium» by Scavr




Three manuscripts of this book - Scriptum Malesuadiorum, Scriptum Maleficorum and Scriptum Nigrae Peregrinationis - undertake the function to explain theoretical and practical aspects of the alliance with the Devil, this precious apex of the dark occult tradition. The purpose of these manuscripts is to prepare and give the right direction to achieve this peak. The Quintessence of black magic rituals and formulas remove the locks off the secrets of gates in front of approaching one thus helping to achieve the individual and unique path and experience, where each remunerated by his own deeds and merits, and only achieved result will be rightful and undoubted reward and crown for worthy. This path includes the Black Pilgrimage, - transcendent procession from ritual to the ritual, from ordeal to ordeal, from milestone to milestone, from a diabolic intention to incarnation, through a spiritual transformation, through the loss and acquisition towards the formation of a demonic behind the last confines. This book is not one of those to decorate a shelf or reading in silence and comfort. This is a harsh and merciless knowledge, allowing one to tread the path of descent into Hell in the real world, in front of approaching one it opens the road without return...


Black cloth hardback book with foil blocking, 166pages.










RES SATANAE «ECCLESIA TENEBRARUM» - the release of Vox Inferni

Press. This edition is the collection of selected works belonging to different authors and united by one theme - the study and adherence to the secret ways of Satan.



Vox Inferni Press publishes this work in continuation of previously published works, devoted to the uncompromising service of Satan and the manifestation of His greatness.

Softcover Booklet. 96 A5 pages
Limited to 200 copies


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The presented book consists of works Via Infernali and Itinera Obscura ad Inferos Descensionis, and gives the reader an opportunity to become acquainted with practical methods and rituals of demonic mantic that is based on the system of Infernal portals Inferion.

This book is intended for practitioners of the Black Arts who desire direct interaction with the Inferno, and reveals new possibilities to produce sinister change in reality and bring about the personal demonic transformation.

Softcover booklet. 40 A5 pages.

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Hell, as an idea born from Chaos, pierce each one of the myriad facets of Its content, defines It’s center and directs It’s evolution.


It is beyond the efforts to simplify, against the constant appraisal and it will never be contained within any bounds. Cognition of it is possible only in empirical comprehension of its principles, when containing them deep inside, in conquering self-restriction and in becoming the part of it.


The figures of Inferion – milestones on the way of cognition of Hell; they are the marks of its principles.


Inferion – we chose this mode of Hell’s manifestation as one of many in our capacity, when we were being induced with aim common with Hell’s – endless expansion.


The memory of Abyss within our hearts was profound basis of this work; our knowledge and our experience were realizing it into this world; power of our blood was enforcing Inferion and every our step was adjusted with the will of Hell.


When realized Inferion in this world, we hadn’t created some another metaphysical system. Elements of Chaos feed its existence, and Inferion is resonant to eternal vibration of Its waves, which is alien to static.


In the same time Inferion is not anti-tarot, neither reversed Order.


“The way of kings” in whole its all-comprehension lights up only its own part of world creation that can be seen from the gorges of human fatum. Moreover, tarot is bleed-white being used for low and petty purposes, and that’s why it is deprived of the possibility to pretend to any serious deeds.


Inferion – different apprehension of the Universe, inherent in our tribe. It is the way covered with impenetrable Darkness on the all pre-existed cards – break on through the borders, beyond which there are territories belonged to Chaos. It is no-restrained might bursting out of It.


Inferion reflects primordial and general, and where it intersects with tarot there two beginnings of the Universe opposed to each other collide and inter-penetrate, playing with faces of each other.


Leaving Inferion here, as our legacy, we are not satisfied with success, but following our nature we are heading for even more, beyond the limits of realized.


Studied severities we know that only cognition by own will can satisfy the thirst of comprehension of Abyss and can lead to the truths beyond the limits. Penetration into the essence of each figure of Inferion, into the nuances of their cooperation – it’s for the chosen, and we should not facilitate their mission with superfluous explanatory notes.


Inferion is deserved to the efforts of the worthy one.


© V.Scavr 2000


Authorized publishing rights – Vox Inferni 2008


66 original sigils 9x11.5 cm,

offset printing, protective cover,

guide booklet (eng/rus language)


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«Черные Стихи» by Azzier Lostname Spineola Snake.


The content is written in Russian. Softcover saddle stitched booklet 62 pages. Printed in limited edition.











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Necrosis XIII is a work of reflecting the vision of art Necromancy by the Dark eyes. Here the Magic Of Death as it is acting against life, god and his abominable creation – human. Necrosis XIII reflects the magical and spiritual experience, contains practices and advices. The purpose of the edition – to show people their insignificance in the eyes of Death, incapacity geeks tribe of adam to touch the Forbidden and to point to Necromancy as an art belonging to the only Children of Darkness.



Softcover saddle stitched booklet 42 pages