We are publishing this shortened version of the interview with Valentin Scavr, taken during the period of preparation for the second coming of «AMSG» book.



Alex Archontes: Can we expect new books from you or your close associates in the near future?  If so, what will they deal with?


VS.: I cannot tell the dates and the format in which my associates will consider publishing their manuscripts, however, I can tell for sure this will happen.

Concerning my books, some of them are awaiting to be published. First of all this is re-release of some of my previous works as well as new writings under the working title «AMSG». Afterwards two books will follow: «Egregoroi – Apocrypha Apostatica» and «Malleus Fabricantium Malum».


These forthcoming books have the aim to enrich the aspects of the Dark Doctrine, which so far remained obscure. The first of these books is dedicated to The Fallen Guardians, their Leaders, their roles and original meaning in questions of existence and resistance. The second will be entirely dedicated to the descriptions of some practices of the Dark Art.


Alex Archontes: From earlier conversations, we have discussed the role of the Watchers as a new facet of Satanic theology.  Can you say a few words about the Watchers, and the benefit in working with them as intermediaries?  For example, it is necessary for the Satanic Adept to develop a relationship with the Watchers?

VS.: I expect that to the vulgar understanding of the Watchers will soon experience devastation. I don' t think that majority will be able to benefit from relations with Them, however, those who seek the true knowledge and power of the Fallen ones, should certainly look for the ability to learn from Them.


Alex Archontes: On the subject of other Satanic movements, ten years ago in Contra Dei, you stated that: “Satanism is profoundly alien and unnatural to all human, the rest [is] only human games, human parody of their understanding of Satanism, a substitution of concepts in order to justify one's own weaknesses.”  Now in 2014, do you feel that there are any genuine Satanic traditions working in service to Hell?

VS.: There are those, that correspond to the aforementioned thesis in a positive sense. However, the rest are majority.


Alex Archontes: You are aware that there are some individual Satanists who have developed their own real communion with Hell, maybe through readings your works or those of another system. We would agree that worship and service to Satan is clearly personal - but do you feel that dedicated Satanists will continue to work privately?  Or would you advise them to find and collaborate with other serious Satanists?

VS.: Without a doubt the most valuable is individual work, personal experience, personal initiation and personal sacrifice. Here the following principle is expressed: in order to carry it outside of self it has to be grown from within first. And it is not always possible to do while being in a system of norms and traditions established within the organization or generally accepted norms and authorities his is not always possible to do while being in a system of traditions established by the organization, its views, norms and settled authorities.


In this case it is necessary to outgrow that system, to outgrow the sacral line, which is incentive for growth and a limiting factor at the same time. Instead of aiming to lead the organization, naturally and critically accept its doctrine and be open for the new in order to be ready for full cooperation with the worthy representatives outside of this organization.


Unfortunately in practice it is not always that way. However, we need to understand that not service to the organization is what's valuable. Otherwise such organization substitutes the genuine aim. It is important to rely on the sensible elements of the organization to serve the Great Ideal - that way the organization becomes useful instrument. It is also vital to remember that the organization always bear the permanent conflict between all that is of highest and of the lowest that is within the organization.


Therefore of course it is more preferable to cooperate with already experienced Satanists free from excessive obligations.


Alex Archontes: One of the most striking aspects of your writings is the fact that you make plain that invoking Hell – I mean literally calling Hell inside – is a painful process.  In your experience, have you seen many people make successful efforts along this path?

VS.: Regardless of practiced religion, this «obsession» is a common requirement for all of those who intend to improve themselves and become of a higher qualitative level thus overcoming inner restrictions, common for a human being.  In this regard it can only be said about distinction in methods and vectors of this action beyond the borders of self, and in this case, the path to Hell (or growth of Hell within self) is the most severe and painful of all.


No, it is pointless to speak of majority. In particular some people having quite good makings, waste them at the first signs of success, forgetting that the progress through the Path is a constant hard labour. A spiritual feat, a constant improvement, continuous attempt to overcome the present self.


Not many are capable on such sacrifice, and probably that is natural. Nevertheless I have honour to know people that successfully overcome all obstacles.


Alex Archontes: You yourself have been devoted to Satanism for several decades now, and have worked with Satanists of various levels of dedication and ability.  What are the signs of an advanced Satanist, both internal and external?  In other words, how does prolonged contact with the demonic world alter a man or woman?


VS.: This question demands particular attention. Everything that I can see, feel and know about these people confirms they are exceptional. They possess spiritual superiority over majority of others, and remain in other qualitative level. They possess internal integrity, vigor, independence of judgment, constancy in achieving their aims, permanency of their spiritual guidance and rigidity of the will. They bear the ability to see further than boundary of natural and have knowledge of secret metamorphoses of causes and effects. They are capable to direct their thoughts and actions beyond the borders that are allocated for the ordinary people, yet most of all, they possess that exclusive quality that I can define as the Love of Evil.


It is difficult to explain the last one in words. There is no need to emphasize that I mean the Superior Evil. I mean their ineradicable irrational thirst of Evil is the predominant core drive in all of their motives and actions: requirement to study different cursed dimensions of Spirit. Requirement to enrich own mind and soul from the sources that are beyond everything righteous.


Their will to take despite the norms allowed to man; to experience more than their strength can bear, and thus impossibility of their existence outside of this drive. Satan greet them and grants them everything.


Alex Archontes: If we are serious about making war against the Light, what actions need to take place today?  For that matter, is any action necessary on our side, or is the ultimate victory of the Abyss ensured?


VS.: I will name the basic. In the top concept of these actions is the expansion of own experience beyond the borders of man - strictly personal in terms of demonic, with subsequent projection of this experience via occult and «natural» mechanisms towards various aspects of existence of this world. As a result of such experience becomes a state that is of different quality, identical to state of «demonic within the flesh».


Committing the feat of own regeneration is the primary intention. It extends for the rest of life and will demand involvement of various aspects of transcendental and natural. It will demand continued enrichment of this potential, the existence on the verge of limits of own strength and abilities, constantly applying practical realization. Here is no absolute and already complete. It will be constantly required to confirm your own will on the right to follow the Dark Path.


Even the short stop can mean inevitable degradation and as a result will lead towards failure. Thus constant involvement in the overcoming is required: the fight with incessant movement on the way to the dark spiritual ancestors. This experience allows proper becoming of one of the initiative centers of Inferno - the mediator of Devil's Will, Spirit and Principles.


Nigrificor: The very famous acronym AMSG is the title of your book. As we know, these four letters compose the satanic laudation shared by the most of the dark souls. But each satanic heart understands or perceives the word of “Satan” in a unique way. May I ask you who is Satan for you?


VS.: There was always only one answer to this question: He is a true Father of all Dark souls, their Teacher, their Mentor and Ideal. In order to realize all justice of my words it is necessary to be one of these Dark souls regardless and contrary to any circumstances.


Nigrificor: What do you think about the differentiation made between Satanism and Devil-worship? Would you describe yourself as a Satanist or rather as a Devil-worshipper?


VS.: Similar differentiation occurs only in the plane of forms and subjective preferences. To those, who are already «within the Devil», there is no such differentiation. There is a concept of those who spiritually dwell «beyond» and there are «all the others» that are the sum of all mankind.


In our case it is always necessary to value upon qualitative state, instead of evaluating superficial signs, personal statements of sinister adornment, or labels. It is vital to recognize that far not many are capable of similar reasonable evaluation. As a rule, those who promote preservation and the idea of similar differentiation, relevantly dwell on extreme periphery and are far from potential of establishing the real relationship with the principles of Darkness.


Nigrificor: What qualities distinguish the true Satanist form someone who only pretends to be one?


VS.: Again this is a question of what is considered as imitation and what is the authentic spiritual state within Evil, within movement and process. These phenomena have no purpose to be deliberate on public and they are independent of external opinions.


Currently there is a certain category of the so called people that are (quasi) involved in various dark traditions, yet in fact they parasitize on the forms. For in reality they are not interested in the essence and payment of those sacrifices, that can be offered by one or another essence, obscured within content or form. Yet in the end these people relieve the sinister current of the importunate presence becoming those whom they always been - nothing but a vulgar inhabitants. It is not difficult to distinguish such people.


On the contrary, the genuine one in the Darkness, first of all, has a valid experience of the actual Initiation with the Devil, which leaves the indelible imprint on all of his personality: character, acts, belief. In essence he is the dark creator, involved in affairs and plans of the Dark Master. And thus creator is a successor of Masters acts for creator is not willing and is not able to become anything else. He is convenient and proud of the chosen path. He reflects upon his own experience and not the borrowed one. He is not changing his principles and is always ready on the exceptional sacrifices in order to constantly affirm his own solvency against the Hell.

Nigrificor: When you talk about Hell, what is it exactly? Is it the Hell as it is described by Christian Church or anything else? And if it’s something else, what distinguishes the Satanic Hell from the Christian Hell?


VS.: The Christianity as religion for attraction of masses aspires to primitivize the appearance which then will be convenient to the average follower. Therefore it is necessary to step away from vulgar or propagandist concept of Hell because Hell is a state, the Hell is set of the alien principles. The Hell is a level of existence, too different and outmost for majority. It is a honor to belong to the Hell. The Hell is dimension, where only related with its qualitative state one can dive into. Catholics have their own invention - a purgatory which they leave for punishment of their guilty flock.


Yet Hell is different. None of those with sinful flesh will enter the Hell, but those with sinful spirit will. Christianity deceives claiming that deprivation of Light from the existence is the Hell. In fact it only means deprivation of existence from Light and nothing more. If they want to call it Hell, they can do so. But the truth is, people living in rather low requirements drown in them, and right after termination of their life cycles they quickly decay just as all flesh do equally without shining the light, equally without having blazed with the Black Flame.


NigrificorFighting against the Christian God is a significant element of all satanic activity. But is  satanic action only restricted to “turn the Bible upside down”? In other words, is the Satanism always dependant on Christianity?


VS.: The discussion is not necessary limited on Christian god. it can be any other modern manifestation of gods of light, which is determined by the existence of valid essence. We always appeal to this essence in our form of confrontation with god. However we have no need for dealing with legacy of contradictions that were created within the «bright» religions throughout centuries of their existence. It is not a secret that present world religions are far from perfection and promises, that are initially expected by itself. And just like everything that is not capable to cope with itself, they start looking for the reason around itself but not within itself. They are very far from their own ideal, and that is a result of the impact of human factor on them.


NigrificorThe need of destroying the human and the divine in one’s Self is the cornerstone of the satanic development. How do you understand this destruction ? What do you define as “human” and “divine”? What is required to make this destruction ?


VS.: Radical withdrawal from notorious «image and similarity». Speaking in depth it is a conscious and voluntary action, experience that is extended beyond the borders of man. In this case, the experience directed on achievement of that state which is under the authority of the Devil. Devil's dominations exist regardless of anything divine. That is to say Satanism is not anti-Christianity in fundamental value. The Satanism is a commitment to the Satan.


NigrificorHow do you see the future of Satanism?


VS.: As always - the Path of few. However I have no doubt that these few will have immense power in frames of development of human world.  Any sort of mass character here will be nothing more but a fraud.


NigrificorWhat are the challenges faced by a soldier of Satan in today’s world? How can he realize its satanic Ideal ? What is your satanic Ideal?

VS.: The only possible Ideal is a Devil. The particularity consist in the ability to preserve the pure vision of this Ideal. Quite often people see what they want to see, yet here the unacceptability of any self-deception is very important. The valid approach to the Devil through own internal state, through interaction practice, through overcoming of self. Here the experience of valid interaction is extremely important. Revelation, which will become an indisputable criterion in determination of clarity of an image. Otherwise counterfeit substitution is inevitable, nothing but a labyrinth of mind and feelings.


Nigrificor: Concerning the definition of Evil, does Satanism mean that everything is allowed (“do what thou wilt”)? Is the Highest Evil (Summum Malum) or diabolical Evil different from the ordinary evil (“grey evil”)? What is the Absolute Evil for you, and why is It necessary?


VS.: It may seem so from the idle point of view, however just as any freedom, action within Evil demands immense responsibility, sacrifice and overcoming of numerous trials. Permissiveness in terms of possibilities of realization of the highest spiritual needs of dark nature, and not merely satisfaction of the most primitive desires and instincts, that usually is considered as a freedom. This simple example shows the difference between the Superior Evil and human evil.


NigrificorBy writing the book of AMSG, what was your intention? Which impacts do you expect from the publication of the second edition?

VS.: Nothing but one thing that should be known: there are others. Also for all those who feel the alienation to this world, to show that they are not alone. In this regard I can also add that I do not wish a pleasant reading for the majority.


26. 02. 2014


Translated by Videl Velsmord











VOX INFERNI: To begin with, could you please tell us a bit about yourself, about your Beginning and the stages of your creative development?


FOSCO CULTO: I would call 1999 “my Beginning”.Music and art were not my main occupations at that time, but in the course of this year I understood that I was above all attracted by the Demonic. So, I decided to dedicate my life to the Devil and to become a part of Him forever.


VI: Do you mean that you have then decided to make a kind of Initiation in order to upgrade your development to a qualitatively absolutely different level? Or probably that happened later and gradually?


FC: Many interesting phenomena happened during that year. First the date itself which was the year of the solar eclipse and of the first funeral in my life. Another event was the acquaintance with some young blasphemers during a snowstorm which arose suddenly in the middle of May. It was so beautiful. I think that at that moment the Devil looked at me with His icy and sharp eyes through the flying snow. He touched my heart. He hurt me. Very soon, it has become clear to me that the Satanism of my new acquaintances was something worn. I understood, they were only part of the decoration participating in creating a special atmosphere. Their appearance, like the solar eclipse, was the signal that the time has come for me to go further. I realized that they their role was not more than episodic and began to fade away and loose its meaning. Finally, all of them represented for me no more than a heap of flesh. I wanted something better than the vulgar tricks of some immature youngsters. I swore to myself to go further. Then I isolated myself and incised the pentagram on my left hand. In solitude, I endured both the fear of the Denial and the pain from my disillusionment of people just playing the “demons” (The rest is yet to come!). I looked my healing scars and I was satisfied with my First step. It was a foretaste of how what comes from the Devil could progressively flow into me. I knew that I would acquire more over time. Then I fulfilled one more self-initiation at night in the woods, and later there were more and more… in cemeteries, in abandoned temples, on mountains, near the water and underground… in different manners. Many times at different places, I have opened and am still opening the Doors in me.


VI: According to you, to what extend can music or any other kind of arts authentically convey what happens beyond the Edge? What characterizes concretely this authentic dark Initiation? Is it pain, violence, admiration, horror…?


FC: I think this is always only the reflection of what has been seen and mixed with the author’s personal experiences. But such visions can be the inspiration for your quest and can nourish the consciousness which is thirsty and avid for Darkness. Nevertheless, what you experience beyond the Edge can never be completely transmitted. In addition, not everybody is competent for that and not everybody wishes to be imbued with these feelings that are tremendously dark for human being.


VI: Does the choice of the music style play any role here? Your first album was in the Black Metal style, but now we can hear that the performance has a radically different style. Is it influenced by an approach reflecting a deeper level, and what is it?


FC: I should say so. I saw exactly the BM as the most expressive devilish musical style. BM is “the worst, sinful and dangerous” music in the perspective of the right-thinking. I supposed that this kind of music could be a help to get closer to the Infernal, to facilitate the realization of Darkness in ourselves, to guide and help to establish the Contact. Many texts of BM groups includes Calls and incantations of Black Magic. In general, I wanted really to find other people like me in order to be “different” altogether, in order to shout from the scene “Satan is my god!” to all these timid, conventional, reasonable, clever and bored people. I know musicians from other cities for whom this slogan is self-evident, but not for me. To them such a thought was something shameful for me. They were not at all interested by it. They were wearing crosses and going to the churches, but even though they were non-believers, they conserved their community’s traditions. They didn’t believe in the success. They were too “normal”. It was possible to gather all the results on one album, but after, with a broken heart, it was necessary to dissolve the line-up. This decision coincided with my regular Steps into Darkness. At this stage, it was obvious for me to put an end to that situation! Indeed, it was not worth admitting ordinary people and ignorantes of Sacred things, being the laughingstock and wallowing in the mire of routine. Yes, for them, it was just a amusement which could be simply abandoned without regret after getting bored with, and again be continued as an endless game with someone else more favorable and cheerful. But for me, it was а matter of Duty and Honor. I didn’t wish to humiliate myself by supplying someone to play, to worry and pay for the band’s rehearsals. I began to hate all of them because of their unconcern, and then I start working by myself. I did not want to depend on anyone else, but only on myself. I did not want to be encumbered by all these curtseys, soft-soaps and this hypocritical diplomacy. I like to have results. Yes, I don’t actually have a real line-up, but the music will be free of external influences. Quite possibly, in the future I could admit someone to join having the feeling and attitude for creating such music. I don’t exclude then a possible cooperation.


VI: May I ask you to tell something about your another musical project which is also by nature dark and anti-divine, even if the form is more accessible? How these two projects are similar and different?


FC: I was invited by the band Swamp FM to play the keys, and very soon, step by step, like a cuckoo in the nest, I pushed the inappropriate members of the band out with the silent consent of the other members who shared my style’s vision. Here Satan is never mentioned directly, even though there is always some allusion to devilry, sinfulness, veiled mischief, implication for the tempted. Here I have the opportunity to express myself in a way that is sensual and provoking. Whereas Lamia Culta is rather black, strict, ascetic, ritualistic, and express the effort to reach in solitude the incommensurable, SFM is red, carnal, very emotional, hedonistic and worldly, but even here misanthropy and depressiveness are everywhere… There have been cases where the people were very enthusiastic during concerts, and then, after having read the texts, they began to understand that the themes were “somewhat unchristian” and that it was “sinful to listen this”. We are exhilarated by such statements and perceive them as praises. SFM is a poisoned delicacy which is easily accessible to the senses but destructive by its nature. This is what we call the seduction. That is exactly what seduction is.


VI: Besides the fact of expressing yourself in the musical sphere, we also know that you are a talented artist. What is your inexhaustible source of inspiration?


FC: I am inspired by the nocturnal rituals, the woods, the ominous places, the night’s animals, the predators, the Moon and its strange impact. I am also inspired by sorcery, both as atmosphere and as ability to influence the course of events, by the supernatural, the legends and myths about the Dark and finally by the grief and the pain as a result of the contact between the internal and external…


VI: Do you have an ability to penetrate this?


FC: Yes.


VI: Could you please tell us about the general conception of the future album?


FC: I would like to show what's happening inside the soul of a woman taking the Path of the Flame.


VI: Do you believe that the difference between man and woman is satisfactory here? If so, where the difference is the most apparent? There are many antithetic opinions about. One of them maintains that women are more sensitive creatures than men. Another opinion states that women express themselves chiefly with a more rough and carnal approach. Could you comment on these two points of view from your personal perspective and experience?


FC: Regarding this difference, I don’t think so. I use my creativity to show that our feelings are similar to that of men and independent from sex. Our fears of darkness, our solitude, our pain and death and finally our human eternal aspiration to overcome these barriers for the Realization are the same. The thirst for the knowledge of the Devil is what characterizes the Dark because of the need of being like Him. Mistakes, conflicts, bitterness from failures and downfalls with the broken wings are inevitable on this Path. All of them are wounds, and both men and women cry in pain because of them.


VI: Could you tell us about the compositions of the album?


FC: Cold Riser: In the solitude and the cold of the self-alienation and rupture something is growing imperceptibly but obstinately. Over the damaged human core arises the Demonic. Accompanied by the ancient incantations of the panpipe arises from the perishable cocoon, spreading its stiffened wings, something eternal and primordial,. I saw the ancient reptile, like a forgotten Horror, arising from foggy moorland.


Into The Night: Funeral veils of weariness and hopelessness are half-opened… and then the moonlight. This is the moment where the world is transforming by the bewitchment. The Night is like a queen. The Night is majestic and the Night is noble. Foggy moorlands, twinkling ponds, mysterious ruins, paths and crossroads, bushes are full of mysterious life. The wind is whispering through the tops of the trees. Temporarily relieved from the tiring days, the soul is flying over the sleeping world with wide-opened eyes, admiring with excitement and inhaling ecstatically the special freshness and the pure coolness. This is how the sorcery is born.


To Love the Devil: The constant and painful understanding of the relations of “I and Devil”. Faceless and assuming any form. Path, Heart, Abyss, Serpent… An eternally escaping Vision... and my allegiance.


In this album, there is no joy, but the constant feeling of fatality and gloomy apprehensions, the crying in pain and the weeping. Through the perpetual disappointments and the gloomy reflections made at the edge of Abyss, erupt nevertheless the terrible and majestic effusion and declaration of love for the Devil, the readiness to sacrifice and the aspiration for the “going beyond the Limits”. Self-injuring is the process to get away from the dirt, the platitude and the dull wretched existence, and the way to approach the Darkness. This is a journey through endless fields of biting thorns to the Victory, to the Attainment, to the Understanding, to the Power … and also to the frustration from the necessity of being thrown into the sea of discomfort and of the continuous intensity of stress coming from life, from our personal ambivalent nature… all this drives you to madness. You are faced with the bitter awareness of the eternal solitude, voluntary or forced, but always excruciating.


Fonce Foulard Fragile: Special tenderness, fragility and refinement are revealed by the composition FFF. It speaks about the unnatural effort of surviving the suffocation by someone devilishly merciful, who maybe is not in the world or maybe is lost forever because of his insanity. Gradual tightening of the black silky scarf on the neck will allow to imperceptibly and pleasantly step over the threshold between the life and non-life, to float away in the darkness and sail on the immensity of freedom. The form of the refined desires turns into a fatal disease and perish in the regret of having been and never being a reality. The ultimate breath of the relief carries the desired indifference to everything.


Woman Scarred: This is about a woman who rejected her destiny on Earth and walk on the Path of Flame.


Living in Darkness: Again alone is the Priest plucking the strings near the shore of the infinite Pro-ocean Leviathan. The waves came and destroyed everything that existed. In the emptiness is reinforced the Black Column, the Axle around which my own little likeness with Hell is growing up. This is my Temple, my Adversarial Kingdom. This is my Dark Essence.


The purpose of the second album was to reflect and convey the strict beauty and the purity of the Demonic, and also the depth of the experiences of being in the Devil. I want to create the intense and sincere picture of the mortal bearing his own Damnation of God and the Blessing of Satan. The weak and vulnerable human creature is torn from inside by non-human passions. The album shows the way of someone going along the Path of Hell and being eternally in love with the Night.


She-wolf : This is the Anger; the Anger and the hatred against the enemies. The Jaws… This is the rebellious and opponent animal. The Paths in the woods by moonlight. The Warpath and the Dark honor.


The Girlfriend : This is about my relations with the woman’s scull. Sunset, silence, cemeteries, solitude... Half-life...


Gloomy Sunday (cover): About the suffering from the loss, the dreams that never became true, and the disappointments. The heart into vice For the first time, the word “angels” in the original text is substituted by the word “demons”.


Let I will dwell… Waiting for the Darkness. Desire of escape from the narrowness of society to see and hear the night, to merge in harmony with its world.


VI: Your descriptions of your songs seem very inspired and expressive… Could you tell us about your Path of Flame?


FC: The first thing that comes to my mind is the eternal feeling of loneliness. Since I decided to become a part of Darkness, I have been searching for interlocutors, companions, associates and instructors. But nobody really shared my interests. Very often I had to talk to other people because of the necessity and lassitude, but I already knew that they will never accept this special worldview. That’s why the most of my occult way of life, I did it on my own and cognized it by myself. Now the things are different. I have found some brothers in arms, and each of them are practically mature people and are serious experts.


The Path of Flame – is the way of the Beast and the Whore. Those who know will understand what I mean.


VI: How difficult was the transition for you when you found yourself in the Devil? Did you have a choice?


FC: When I had the possibility to make a transition, I receive it as a timely signal and I was very excited by the forthcoming responsibility. There was the time to think even if it required the necessity and the cost of certain efforts, training and concentration. I was very concerned not only about the real danger, but also about the opinion of the others – that they will think that I’m insane. It could be very easy to say “no”. It could be easy to respond that I didn’t see the meaning of such a “benefit”. On the contrary, I saw the consequence in the future if I refused this Attainment. I saw myself as an empty membrane, as a barren flower or a mass of ashes. My soul was thirsty for the difficulties and was ready to fight. I understood that the series of actions to the overcoming of my former “I” and the upbringing of the Demonical will keep me away from those who never search such a thing, and I’ll become more isolated. Ultimately, I’ve followed the need of every Dark of being in the Devil.


VI: What does it mean for you “to be in the Devil”?


FC: It is when with every heartbeat and in every moment His unpronounceable Names resound inside you!!


VI: Regarding the Initiation, we would note that the difficulty of this action is very underestimated nowadays. Indeed, the place of real Initiation is most frequently occupied by some actions that don’t penetrate into blood and soul, and don’t touch dramatically and tragically the very depth of essence. You stress the different. From our own experience, could you explain what defines an authentic Initiation?


FC: The stress is needed. The Action must cut painfully and proudly your life between an “before” and an “after”. There is no way back, and I never regretted what I did. An authentic initiation requires you be involved in dangerous situations, the acceptance of discomfort and the absence of conventional actions. Probably, this will turn you inside out. However, this is how the Awakening happens and how the awareness of your being is reached. I think that it is not enough to commit something once only; on the contrary, you should struggle to test yourself repeatedly, because the previous achievements lose their value over time.


VI: What was the reward for your Initiation?


FC: It’s difficult for me to imagine what I would have done and how I would be. Most probably, I would get married and have tried to imitate the common way of life of most people. Certain fatal turns and some black events happened, which would scare away the others who “flirt” with the Chaos, but my decisiveness has only grown. People say to me: “everything would be good, except your Satanism”. I don’t approve this erroneous opinion. I’m under the Devil’s protection, and His protection is real. My destiny is particular. People don’t accept my lifestyle. Well, I don’t care because I’m right. Maybe the things I renounced and sacrificed were previously completely obvious for me, but today this does not matter. It was just as if something inside me was dead …. No regrets.


VI: Could you tell me: are you ‘Woman Scarred”? What are your “scars”?


FC: The Scarred Woman is the image of a strong personality. She is the She-Wolf. My scars are neither the wounds of a miserable martyr nor the stigmata of a victim, but the signs of the battle I made against my arranged destiny and the consequence of the violent destruction of humiliating contacts. Scars are the decorations coming from the battlefield, “nothing else than the witnesses of my Breakthrough”.


VI: You are a very open-hearted person who has no hesitation to reveal its internal hell in front of other people. My question is: haven’t you feared that your attitude could harm to you?


FC: Words are not enough to describe my feelings in front of interlocutors, but I can’t count on the understanding of those leaving nearby – why should I annoy them once again? However, art is the best way to transform negative emotions, to express and present them beautifully. Sure that the Dark will be pleased to hear familiar motives. To hide and to be afraid are not for me.


VI: In your songs you talk about your Love to the Devil. What does it mean to you?


FC: This feeling is familiar only to those who are able to love faithfully and selflessly the Devil for their entire life. It is a tragic feeling by nature, for it is commonly considered as something unnatural and malign. It is clearly incompatible with the smooth progress of the divine plan. The Love to the Devil has the potential to kill the love for human and this Love is for me above all.


VI: Who are your friends? Who are your enemies?


FC: A friend is someone I feel with my heart and someone who is always near to you when there are troubles and woes. An enemy is someone who wishes your death and someone I want to exterminate.


VI: In your opinion what are the principal qualities that a person should have to live in the Devil? What is your vision of such a person?


FC: Such a person should be strong and strong-willed. Specific qualities, such as self-control and tact, are required. In addition, this person must have a flair for deciding when it is appropriate to have humor and be communicative and when it is necessary to be serious and strict. All common known human qualities enrich and make everyone honorable, whether philosopher, warrior, ruler or peasant … and man being in the Devil… Be fascinated by the Demonical, to have a restless ambition to cognize the Devil, to perpetrate everything in His name, to look for new ways of the cooperation with Hell and to carry Hell in himself … This person will never be ashamed of his beliefs and never dream up intricate synonyms for the Father. Human whim and weaknesses should never take precedence over the interests of Hell. This person will never begin to search and display the “non truth”, for it is low. It is said that we feel if a person is in the Devil If those feelings are trumped-up, after a certain lapse of time, their falsity will manifest itself, for it cannot be concealed neither by “appropriate” words nor by “appropriate” behavior. Insincerity cannot be hidden neither by the fact of listening the “right” music nor decoration of external attributes. … Being in the Devil signifies to place always the Deed of Inferno at the head of everything. Being in the Devil means to unify the worthy ones and to share one’s experience with them, increasing thereby the Black Light. Finally the very essence of this individual is the Dark magnetic Radiance.


VI: As a publishing house, may we ask you which books and ideas have influenced your satanic evolution?


FC: My first book was LaVey’s Satanic Bible, but my occult thinking has been previously evolved due to the books of Papus and Paul Huson. When internet arrived, I felt obliged to read everything about Satanism, dark cultures, sorcery, philosophy and practices of different occult organizations. Every year appeared more and more literature treating this subject, but I clearly found less and less of new things in this area. An exception are the books of Valentin Scavr. They are really spiritual. His words, which can be read again and again, are for the first time absolutely impressive by their depth, supernatural accuracy and seriousness.


VI: Do you think that the accessibility of the occulted literature is a benefit for the potential adept of Darkness or a rather damage for it?


FC: What matters, is not the number of the books you read, but the ability to understand and to transfer them into practice. The adept should “to find his own melody”. Nevertheless, there will always be a secret requiring that the adept finds (and/or creates) by himself the hidden keys. The accomplished searcher will see a lot of things within a little of things. The diversity may make you dizzy and one life is not enough to know everything; nevertheless, you have the choice and the chance to compare and to understand a variety of things. That’s good so.


VI: Ideally, what do you want to influence by your creativity? And do you really want to exert this influence?


FC: I just need to increase the Dark.


VI: Finally, would you like to say a few words on your future creative plans and events that you expect in the nearest future?


FC: I have a presentiment of a journey and a lot of new acquaintances. I want to try to create several songs with musicians working with different styles of music, but always belonging to the “666” genre. My plan is also to release the songs designated to be on the second album, but which I didn’t manage to finish before the collapse of the group. Finally, I would like to create a block of my paintings.