The book is the most complete collection of essays by the satanic author, published in the author's unabridged version. The book is published in a limited edition and is designed for the small circle of collectors. Collection of written works by V.Scavr includes manuscripts of

Codex Tenebrarum/Tenebrae Primae

Codex Decium

Codex Daemonorum

Sacerdotium Satani/Res Gestae Satanae

Odium Diabolicum/Edictum Templi Odii
Mors Principum Est
Codex Antiqui Draconis
A Morte Invocare

Euangelium/Disangelium Antichristum



Hardback book bound in black cloth with foil blocking, 195 pages, content written on Russian.


Publisher: Vox Inferni Press. Printed by: Section XIII•.•COMA


Not for sale. All copies reserved.








«Who was Signifer?... For us he was a lot, someone did not know him. For us he was a loyal brother and loyal ally, someone seen him as vicious enemy. For us he remained the poet inspired by Darkness, and true, righteous colleague – someone has seen only the talented musician and the infernal author. The purest and deepest follower of the Satan, true and reliable in battle, invariable in enmity, selfless in friendship...The warrior, the philosopher, brother.... He has lived a short life on earth, yet invariably directed in abyss he spent it rigorously purely and fairly, dedicating himself and every moment of his life without the exception to Satan. He has been called by the Satan to his Throne at the night of Samhain. Thus his heart ceased to beat here and now, yet we hear its beating, its pulsation, its heat in our own hearts and here it will never fade. It is said that gods take the best ones to participate in their battle, then with such as Signifer, the victory of Satan becomes even closer. We have collected all of his written works, sparks of his spirit and the abyss of his thoughts together as a legacy and have published under one cover for those, who treasure the memory of him, for those who we are ready to call brothers...» RESSATANAE & VOX INFERNI PRESS



The content is written in Russian. Perfect bound book, 114 pages with silver foil blocking upon cover.
Published by Vox Inferni ©2011. Production by Section XIII •.•COMA







Vox Inferni Press opens the new section SPECIAL EDITION, the first publication is «Sacerdotium Satani» by V. Scavr.

«This writing takes special place among the others written by V. Scavr and it is outstanding beside everything written and established as Satanic doctrine. It has its special meaning in truly malicious content – consolidation of dark aspirations and undertakings caused by one principle.


In SS Scavr reveals basic principles of Stanic Path on the earth and spiritual aspects of Darkness. Concurrently he shows existential needs and highest aims of those who’s dared to follow this Path. Actually this writing is hard to conceive. Each paragraph is a particular thesis. It’s like a seal fastened explicated idea.


What is to be found here..? It’s an effort to describe sense and principles of existence of Dark Ones. SS, by the way it is very explicit abbreviation, is a formative factor. It is like an orienting cone for all stepped on the Path build with their spiritual world, aims and tasks of akin. Strategy line of SS is clear. Merciless and malign. Spiritual fight and sacrificial path are primary. Aims and tasks of personal malicious perfection and common successful interaction of dark unities are corresponded and coherent.


Here is the concept of malicious existence here, in its various aspects, like a projection of fundamental principles on the other side. In fact it is an explicated and valid covenant determining main terms and conditions of spiritual core of Dark One and Dark Unity.»


Edited by Vox Inferni Press & The Black Press.

Printed by The Black Press MMX.


Booklet A5, 48 pages.

Limited edition of 66 copies .